There is a need for an auto-scaling solution which is configurable, data-driven, policy based, supports multi-cloud which can be configured with parameters other than CPU, Memory etc. It can be used as an extension for opensource kubernetes for autoscaling and Ingress. (e.g. for Kubernetes extension replace docker inspect command with kubectl describe pod command)

Autoscaling flow diagram:


Organizations are looking for a solution that can help them to implement their Hybrid & Multi-cloud strategy. AWS & Redhat Openshift partnership can help bridge that gap.

AWS being a leader in the public cloud and Openshift being the first choice for Kubernetes on private cloud, it’s the right partnership to provide the seamless solution for the end customer.

Target customers:

Current Challenges:

As part of a social initiative, I was working on this project 2 years before on and off, experimenting with different IoT devices, sensors, architecture, parameters to measure. With the current ongoing COVID situation I think there is a need for remote patient monitoring which will help in better health care in remote places & early detection. I am making the details open so anyone can use them and fast-track the development.


Telcos/Service Provider can play major role in transformation of Singapore to be a major AI hub & help in job creation

I took a example Singapore and did market research. It covers business idea, customer research, market research, trend analysis, customer strength, platform design & flow, platform setup & operating cost, revenue model, managed services.


Elastic AI & Machine learning on-demand platform which will help Startups, Education institution, Enterprises, Government sector in faster Adoption of AI & Machine Learning in Singapore & APAC region

Problems to solve


Cloud & Enterprise Architect | DevOps | App Modernisation | Automation | Presales

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